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I'm a software engineer in Alabama. I have worked as a software engineer in Dayton, OH., Boston-Metro, MA., and Montgomery, AL. I have been developing software for years; and have experience with the full software development life cycle (SDLC). I'm always eager to pursue challenging opportunities that will improve the community, and promote learning and growth in my career.

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Hi, I'm Jacqueline Flemming, a Montgomery, AL native who couldn't wait to experience a new city. After a making a stop in Dayton, OH, I found myself living in Boston for 9 years and loved it. I loved how tech savvy Boston was and the feel of living in a big city and made some great friends. Of course, I could do without the snow (burrr). After years of visiting home, I soon decided that it was time to move back. Although Montgomery would be considered a 'small' town; I just thought it would be great to be closer to family and life friends. And also start my freelancing & entrepreneurial endeavours back home, giving me the ability to contribute to the tech community as well as the community where I grew up. I'm happy to say it's been a wonderful move back home. From time to time I miss the city living, but I love getting re-acquainted and involved with my hometown personally and professionally.

I would love to assist you with your software development needs. Please don't hesitant to ask me a question or request information about you or your company's needs. I want to be your software solutions guru, from brainstorming for a solution to implementing that solution to make your brand or business better.

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